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Alright guys. You’ve all read about the rescue I work at. Some of you have even been there and seen these guys in person.

We are in trouble.

Our landlord is selling the place. We’ve caught people sneaking in and snooping around. There are several serious buyers. The landlord is refusing to renew our contract, so as soon as he sells, we are out on the street with 40 horses.

We have another location we can put most of them, but that place needs a lot of work. We need all new fencing and we need land cleared and we need a lot of man power and money that we just don’t have.

Horses keep getting dumped on us. We aren’t able to adopt as many out as we used to. Many of our horses are old and sick and their working days are over. We are their last stop before moving to cross that big rainbow bridge.

You may have read about Cas, the horse in the 4th pic down, who we fought for for over 2 years,  who we spent around $800 on in the last week of his life just to end up putting him in the ground. We take these horses because no one else will.

We get most of our funding from giving lessons on horses that we have rehabbed and turned into great lesson horses. However, due to the really shitty weather Florida has been having, we have had to cancel lessons almost every day these last few weeks, and that means there is no money coming in. We have had to scrape by on our name and reputation alone, the feed stores giving us credit, allowing us to pay them back later. But with 40 horses, $100 in feed goes by in just a few days.

We have another location to move the horses to, but it needs a lot of work. It needs all new fencing and irrigation and we are basically starting completely over from the ground up. We are going to be trying to move a few horses at a time and hopefully be completely out before the place sells and we are forced out.

We need man power and we need money. If you are in the Jacksonville area of Florida and don’t mind getting muddy and want to help save horses, please email me or send me an ask and we would LOVE to have you out. I can give you a private riding lesson or take you out on a trail ride in exchange for your work. We are also looking for wood/fencing material donations as well.

If you are not in the area and would still like to help, please donate through the button on my page, and in the little subject thingy paypal gives, please write “FHRR” so it’s easier for me to separate it.

If you are far away AND broke PLEASE reblog this. We are running out of time.


Some QUALITY anime and manga pictures I have saved, just thought I’d share them with you all.



You know, being a part of the Avengers fandom is like being an actual Avenger. We all go our separate ways for a while, having our own adventures in other fandoms. We wonder if we’ll ever be back again. But when the call comes…we assemble. 

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Sometimes you just need to wear huge sweatpants and surround yourself with pillows and blankets and lay on your floor and eat a bowl of ice cream and watch Finding Nemo. It restores you and makes you feel good. I fully believe that sometimes, being unhealthy is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.

I do this with Squishables and superhero flicks.


I have reblogged this at least a thousand times


I have reblogged this at least a thousand times